New Update - Procurement collaboration

Procurement collaboration for teams and vendors

Procurean is a cloud procurement platform that enables organizations to work with their vendors, manage purchases and report on data with assurance.

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How Procurean can help transform your business?

Intuitive interface, smart tools and powerful business intelligence that make your procurement team seem like a powerhouse.

Effortless sourcing

Use auctions to increase price performance, reduce risk with continuous supplier monitoring and create custom approval workflows for new vendors.

Transparent ordering

Increase transparency of your purchases, report on readily available data and reduce the need for physical documentation.

Collaborative executing

Communicate with your vendors to process purchase orders and contracts, gather documentation, and create an integrated digital procurement hub for your organization.

Increase your sales

Easily and securely obtain new, reliable and verified customers from Slovenia and abroad, and increase business volume up to 90%.

Simplify sales process

Be informed about relevant inquiries in your industry and by acting quick do not miss out on new business opportunities.

Lower acquisition cost

Get new customers without investing in marketing or sales and lower costs acquisition of new deals.

Build meaningful relationship with your vendors

Stop losing time on administrative work and focus more on coming together on value. Procurean makes it easy to interact with your vendors by in-built chat communication, localized contract conclusions and up to date financial data gathered from Bisnode* smart-data service.
*Only available for businesses incorporated in EU

Use intelligent tools to transform and digitalize your business

Item management

Manage your ordered items and get insights into prices, ordered amounts and savings to create smarter budgets.

Vendor collaboration

Monitor contracts, create approval workflows, conduct assessments and receive alerts so you'll never miss a deadline!

PO management

Easily create purchase orders and invite your vendors to help resolve requested documentation, deliveries and returns.

Integration API

Connect with your favorite ERP software or other procurement software and don't worry about repeat work.

Public RFP

Collect proposals from every seller on the platform. Useful when you are looking for new vendors.

Regulated auction

Collect bids from your vendors and increase the price performance of your orders.

Regulated RFP

Quickly collect proposals from your vendors and remove the need for unnecessary phone calls and emails.

Real-time vendor monitoring and reports help you address issues as they occur

Say goodbye to time-consuming periodic assessments, and let Procurean help you create reports so you can select the best vendors every time. Help your vendors improve their track record and reduce the risk of disturbing your supply chain.

Digital procurement hub for you and your vendors

"During the excess supply, it is difficult to obtain new customers. Procurean allows us to access new partners without a busy and time-consuming fieldwork because we can monitor the demand at every step."

- Niko Kranjčič

"In our department, we spend a lot of time to collect offers of many spare parts that we need for smooth operation. Using Procurean, we cut this time by half and considerably reduced the maintenance costs."

- Drago Pusovnik
Omco Feniks Slovenija

"Procurean has many advantages, among them lower procurement costs, transparency, and ease-of-use. It enables us to easily discover new customers and suppliers. Procurean is the future of procurement!"

- Matija Gregorčič, director

Start collaborating and create a data-driven procurement organization!

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