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Procurean is an online procurement platform that connects buyers with sellers within the relevant industry.

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Digitize procurement

Simplify and optimize your purchasing process, access advanced analytics and reports, and reduce transaction costs by up to 90%.

Acquire new sellers

Simply and safely trade with goods on a global trusted network with trusted and proven sellers.

Optimize procurement

Discover new levels of cost-effectiveness, start getting competitive offers, and reduce purchasing costs by up to 30%.

Increase your sales

Easily and securely obtain new, reliable and verified customers from Slovenia and abroad, and increase business volume up to 90%.

Simplify sales process

Be informed about relevant inquiries in your industry and by acting quick do not miss out on new business opportunities.

Lower acquisition cost

Get new customers without investing in marketing or sales and lower costs acquisition of new deals.

How Procurean can help transform your business?

Procurean is an easy-to-use B2B platform and marketplace with intelligent business tools that help you discover new business partners and make informed business decisions.

Easily discover and transact with new business partners - local and international

Procurean makes it easy to conduct business cross-border by providing all the needed documents and by using built-in multilingual translations, that enable localized submissions of inquiries and offers, regardless of geographical area.

Purchase and sell with ease using streamlined procurement scenarios

Receive offers from pre-approved or all relevant vendors by choosing regulated or public scenarios.

Take control over your spending by selecting appropriate inquiry type, optimizing delivery terms and payment conditions meeting your needs.

Get open market acces, information, knowledge and technological infrastructure.

Use intelligent tools to transform and digitalize your business

Public Auction

Helps you receive competitive offers-bids from all relevant sellers on the platform.

Regulated auction

Enables you to invite only pre-approved vendors to see and place their bids on your auction.


Receive a one-time offer from all relevant sellers and select the winning one from the collected bids.

Item catalog

By listing your items, Procurean matches buyers and sellers with created inquiries.

Vendor management

Categorize sellers at the level of individual items, classifications or organization.

Integration API

Enables you to connect your ERP or other software solutions for accessing all functionalities through an open API.

Trust rank is here to help you make informed and dilligent business decisions

Trust rank makes it easier for you to prove your trustworthiness to potential new business partners.

It is composed out of financial data that reflect businesses’ financial health and reputational data gathered from evaluations in different interactions within the platform.

Jump into a new, digital marketplace for businesses

"During the excess supply, it is difficult to obtain new customers. Procurean allows us to access new partners without a busy and time-consuming fieldwork because we can monitor the demand at every step."

- Niko Kranjčič

"In our department, we spend a lot of time to collect offers of many spare parts that we need for smooth operation. Using Procurean, we cut this time by half and considerably reduced the maintenance costs."

- Drago Pusovnik
Omco Feniks Slovenija

"Procurean has many advantages, among them lower procurement costs, transparency, and ease-of-use. It enables us to easily discover new customers and suppliers. Procurean is the future of procurement!"

- Matija Gregorčič, director

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