Valid since November 15, 2018


At Procurean, we respect the privacy of visitors to our website and users of our services. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to ensure maximum transparency of activities with regards to the processing of personal data and to enable control over personal data.

Procurean has prepared this Privacy Policy to provide information regarding the collection and processing of personal data when using our services. We strive to gather and store as little data as possible in order to ensure the normal operation of our services.

We protect personal data pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, which is a piece of European Union legislation regarding the protection of data and privacy (GDPR).

Personal data

All data, which refers to a natural person that can be identified, counts as personal data. Personal data used by Procurean is:

  • The user’s first and last name,
  • The user’s e-mail address (especially the format),
  • The IP address, from which the user is accessing our services.

Data, which allows the identification of the user, is personal data. In this case, the user can have the following roles:

  • Website visitor: every individual who visits the basic website or Procurean sites for informational purposes,
  • Service user: every individual who uses the market functionalities of Procurean in the name of a company that is registered on Procurean,
  • Administrator: every individual who uses administrative functionalities of Procurean in the name of Procurean (or enterprises associated with Procurean).

This Privacy Policy lists, which personal data we gather on different stages of cooperation on Procurean. It also describes where personal data is stored and which security measures we utilize to protect them.

Data controller and processors

Procurean was developed in the company Procurean d.o.o. The legal person, which exclusively determines the purposes and means of processing personal data when using Procurean products and services (Data controller) is:

Procurean d.o.o.
Ob Savinji 103, Ločica ob Savinji, SI-3313 Polzela
Slovenia, European Union
Tax number: SI15779092
Company code: 6000185

Data processors can be:

  • The Data controller,
  • Companies, associated with the Data controller – subsidiaries in which the Data controller is the majority shareholder,
  • Third parties:
    • Authorized partners (our distributor and authorized sellers who are cooperating in the performance of certain activities, such as market activities, sales, customer support, in our name),
    • External activity contractors, whose services we use in connection with the use of certain functions of our business processes, for example, Google Analytics.

Consent and restrictions of use

By consenting and transmission of personal data, you confirm that we may gather, process, store and use the transmitted personal data for lawful purposes of enabling access to services and of connected business activities, which may include establishing contact with you, processing your claims and orders, answering your questions with regards to the area of sales, technical support and advertising of products and services of the company.

Data collection and corrections

You have the right to request a report on your personal data we store at any time. Send such requests or any other questions with regards to personal data to the e-mail address with a clear content “personal data report request”.

We need to verify the authenticity of your identity in order to ensure safe processing of your request. We will endeavor in our best technical and administrative capacity, to prepare a report on individual personal data within 8 days from the receipt of a valid request.

Data protection

We use technologies and defined business processes in order to protect personal data. Servers running the Procurean services and all service components are hosted by Procurean in data centers.

The data centers mentioned above were chosen pursuant to established industry practices and based on the provider’s reputations. Data centers provide a backup supply of electrical power, redundant communicational links, constant and automated control of the environment (e.g. air conditioning systems, fire extinguishing equipment) and safety devices. The Procurean servers are located in data centers in the European Union.

All hard discs are encoded and managed exclusively by the Data controller’s team of operators (system administrators and other authorized users with access).

Website visitors

When you visit the website, we gather a limited amount of personal data, which the web browser provides us. Data sent by the browser includes your personal data (your current IP-address) and metadata (operating system, browser type and version etc.), language and country of the request.

Our website uses cookies to ensure the operation or more efficient operation of the website. For more information please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Social networks

Our website contains plugins for websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which allow information sharing with your network. If you are signed into these social networks while you visit our website, their plugins may allow the social network to gather information about your website visitors and share information on your activities with other social network users.

We do not monitor any content from social network plugins. We advise that you refer directly to the privacy and data exchange policies of these social networks with questions regarding these topics.

Integrated web services of third persons

We may use the services of external service providers (such as service desk, YouTube and Google Maps) to provide our services and improve our website. In the process of providing these online services through our website, these external service providers must receive your IP address from your web browser.

Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites. Links to these websites do not mean that we support, authorize or represent these websites. We do not monitor the websites of third parties and strongly advise that you refer directly to these websites with questions regarding their privacy and data exchange policies.


If you decide to register your company to use Procurean, you will need to provide the following personal data in the registration process:

  • Fist and last name
  • E-mail address

We will only process your personal data for purposes that you will explicitly confirm.

Notifications and news

We use systems to forward important notifications and information with regards to the Procurean service.

Automatic electronic notifications: automatic notifications, with regards to the user account status. Because these notifications are urgent, it is impossible to unsubscribe from them.

Procurean service-related notifications: In accordance with the process of Procurean services, we will keep you informed of the progress of the services (like your bid was beaten, your inquiry was finished…)

News: We will occasionally send informative messages to inform you of important service improvements, security information or other information, which we consider important for you.
You can change the notification settings at any time in your account settings.

Service usage

Whenever you will use Procurean, we will store traffic access data for service operating purposes and prevention of unauthorized use. All communication between your browser and the service is coded using the SSL protocol.

In the event of the integration of Procurean with third-party software, we will not provide any access to your personal data. Additionally, all communication is coded using the SSL protocol. Because we do not monitor personal data that is being gathered and processed in these systems, we advise you to contact the software providers directly with questions regarding the privacy and data exchange policies.

Customer support

When you contact our customer help center through our chat room, e-mail or by phone, we may need your e-mail address, name, and telephone number, in order for us to respond to your inquiry. Your message will be stored and may be shared with authorized partners to ensure immediate and localized support.

Transferring data to third parties

This Privacy Policy describes the sharing of personal information with third parties in accordance with the extent of cooperation. Before we share personal information with external processors, we will ask for your consent.


We reserve the right to amend or update this Privacy Policy at any time. All changes will be posted on this website along with the date of entry into force. We advise you to monitor the site so you will always be familiar with the changes.

If changes significantly affect the rights and obligations of this title, we will do our best to inform you about the changes. Based on your continued use of services after the entry into force of the revised Privacy Policy, we conclude that you have read, understood and agreed with the current version of the Privacy Policy.

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